Informed-Sport certified, this post-workout solution is available in 30 servings per canister contributing to shorter muscle recovery time, helps reduce muscle soreness and aids in inflammation, while also promoting mobility and joint health. Available in Berry Fuzion flavor.

Restore your body with Zurvita Performance R3PAIR. It’s filled with effective ingredients that replenish, repair and restore your muscles from any physical activity. Replenish your body with R3PAIR to experience reduced soreness and increased strength. Not recommended for children.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid),
Calcium (calcium lactate),
Magnesium(magnesium citrate),
Sodium (sodium citrate),
Recovera® Prickly Pear Cactus (opuntia ficus-indica),
L-Glutamine, EnergySMART®,
Coconut Water (cocos nucifera),
Cats Claw Extract,
Tart Cherry Powder (cerasus pseudocerasus),
Citric Acid,
Natural Flavor (Orange),
Silicon Dioxide

*Not recommended for children. Zurvita Performance R3PAIR is formulated for everyday use that approaches post-workout recovery via multiple targets, with powerful and clinically supported components. Adults may take as needed or as directed by your physician.

R3PAIR Fact Sheet


What does Zurvita Performance R3PAIR do?

Zurvita Performance R3PAIR is a post-workout supplement intended help reduce muscle soreness and inflammation.

How do I use Zurvita Performance R3PAIR?

Shake contents into 8 fluid ounces of water and shake well. Take after a workout or any daily activity.

How does Zurvita Performance R3PAIR differ to Zeal or Zeal+?

Zeal is a nutritional foundation containing over 55 botanicals, vitamins and minerals aimed at improving your health, focus and energy levels. Zurvita Performance R3PAIR is a post-workout drink mix. Zurvita Performance R3PAIR is focused on accelerating muscle recovery.

What are the fundamental ingredients that makes this preworkout product different from others?

Recovera® Prickly Pear Cactus – Supports the recovery of muscle function by speeding up metabolism and increasing uptake of amino acids while balancing blood sugar levels.

Coconut Water – Helps to avoid cramping and fatigue.

Cats Claw Extract – Helps to reduce inflammation while also promoting mobility and joint health.

EnergySMART® – Low-Glycemic Carbohydrate – Provides an initial and long-lasting burst of energy.

Who can take Zurvita Performance R3PAIR?

Zurvita Performance R3PAIR is safe for adults to take as needed or as directed by their physician. It’s intended to help young and older athletes and people with all body types aid in muscle recovery.

Is Zurvita Performance R3PAIR gluten free?

Yes, Zurvita Performance R3PAIR is gluten free.

Is Zurvita Performance R3PAIR vegan?

Yes, Zurvita Performance R3PAIR is vegan.

What is the suggested daily serving?

Adults may take as needed or as directed by their physician after any physical activity.

How does Zurvita Performance R3PAIR work with existing Zurvita products?

Zurvita Performance R3PAIR can be taken alone, with all of the Zurvita Performance products or with any core Zurvita product.

What flavor is Zurvita Performance R3PAIR?

Berry Fuzion is the current offering for Zurvita Performance R3PAIR. It has a delicious and refreshing taste with a base flavor profile of forest berries.

Consult a physician before starting this or any supplementation. If you are pregnant or nursing, seek the advice of a healthcare professional before using this product. Not intended for children.

The Zeal Wellness formula, pricing and other factors may vary by country.

† KGK Synergize is a highly respected Canadian-based firm specializing in human research and clinical trials for the health, nutrition, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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